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Ozone Layer Preservation Day

By Ellis Ranger

The importance of the ozone layer is next to none. Its existence is the foundation for all life on earth as without it, life would not be able to flourish as it does.

It’s important to note however, not many people are aware that September 16th is an international day commending the preservation of the worlds aegis.

This year marks the 35th anniversary of the beginning of a complete global effort to protect and preserve our ozone layer, as laid out in the Vienna Convention. This was the first protocol ever to be signed by all countries that were involved. 

The Decline and the Discovery

The story starts in the 1920’s, when chlorofluorocarbons (CFC’s) were created as a substitute for coolants in refrigerators and other means as the previously used chemicals were extremely deadly if a leak was to occur.

From a standpoint of the general public, this was a massive breakthrough in science and lifestyle and was applauded by the masses.

Chemists Ozone Preservation and Protection
Sherwood Rowland (Left) and Mario Molina (Right) who were both awarded Nobel Prizes in Chemistry for their discovery and efforts to stop the eradiction of the Ozone Layer.

Fast forwarding to the 1970’s, two scientists Sherwood Roland and Mario Molina predicted that CFC’s were destroying the ozone layer and they were destroying it fast. Not long after this information was made public, a huge hole was found in the stratosphere above Antartica.

In an effort to stop the world as we know it being exposed to the harmful UV rays emitted from the Sun, countries came together and signed the Montreal Protocol, a world wide effort to cut out the use of CFC’s.

As of 2009, every single country has pledged to this action and with CFC’s being banned, this has allowed for ozone layer recovery. 

A day of reflection and hope

September 16th is a day designed to acknowledge how important a role the ozone layer plays in our day to day lives and how it is possible for every nation in the world to unite against a threat and counteract it effectively.

With climate change being an ever increasing issue the world is facing it is more important than ever to take necessary individual actions to preserve our planets stratospheric defence mechanism. 

What you can do to help

As the day rolls around, here are three things you can do to help the healing of the ozone layer, at the same time as stopping the destruction of it. 

Firstly, purchasing local products helps defend our ozone layer, cutting out the medium of travel costs for imported goods. Not only this but it helps smaller businesses thrive. 

Secondly, minimising the use of cars is one of the most effective ways to combat the eradication of our ozone layer. Road transport accounts for 22% of total UK emissions of carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas.

Finally, performing regular inspections to your air conditioning units and refrigeration units. This ensures there are no leaks of harmful gases and that any units that are faulty or broke are being recycled instead of vented into the atmosphere. 

The part we’re playing

Here at CBS Waste, we ensure we do our best to be as green as possible. All waste we handle is dealt with properly and we provide Waste Transfer Notices to all our customers. We are recycling where we can.

By doing so we help fulfil our country’s pledge to protecting Earth, because we only have one. Call us on 01480 220434 or email info@cbs-waste.org for a quote. Further information surrounding the Ozone Layer Preservation Day can be found on the UN’s website.

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James came today to clear our large pile of garden waste and rubbish cleared from the garage.
He moved everything quickly and swept up leaving the garden clean and tidy afterwards. Great job and a really competitive price too. Won’t hesitate to use you again ! 👍🏻
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